Manufacturer of electronic instrumentation including signal conditioners, custom power supplies, computer controlled amplifiers and computer controlled signal conditioning instrumentation.


Encore Electronics offers a complete line of compact, economically priced instrumentation packaged in standard DIN rail mounted enclosures.  Our products include frequency to voltage converters, strain gage amplifiers, notch filters, accelerometer conditioners, and line drivers.  Overall package sizes are 3.1″ x 3.3″ x 0.9″ tall (single wide) or 1.6″ tall (double wide).


FL157A Magnetic Pickup Line Driver 1 double
FL161 Accelerometer Conditioner, 4-20mA 1 single
FL228 Analog Frequency-to-Voltage Converter 1 single
FL230 Voltage-to-Frequency Converter 1 single
FL236 Digital Frequency-to-Voltage Converter 1 single
FL237 RMS to DC Converter 4 double
FL424 Thermocouple Conditioner 2 double
FL639 Strain Gage Amplifier (obsolete) 1 double
FL644 Isolation Amplifier/Attenuator 1 single
FL646 Thermocouple Isolation Amplifier (obsolete) 1 single
FL651 Differential Amplifier 1 single
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